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Antigua Court Of ArmsHistorical Sites

Antigua is the largest of the Leeward Islands in the Caribbean surrounded by 365 white sand beaches. Browse the site for pages of Antigua history, people, cultures, historical sites and places of interest in Antigua.

Antigua Court Of ArmsNational Symbols

The court of arms of Antigua and Barbuda represent the islands history and cultural heritage of its people. It features some of the icons, emblems and historical monuments that are designated as national symbols.

Pre-history of Antigua waladli.Antigua Pre-History

Pre history of Antigua is a written documentary that chronicles the way of life, cultures and peoples that inhabited the island before Christopher Columbus visited the Caribbean. The original name of Antigua pre history, was (Waladli.)

Original people of the caribbean.Caribbean Pre History

Before European colonization of the Caribbean, the indigenous peoples of the territory were migrating Amerindian groups from the Americas with different traditions, languages and cultures living in small organized communities.

Antigua Trades and Marine HistoryAntigua Maritime History

Newport Harbor and English Harbour are two lively and charming ports of call, found on two similar but distinct islands.  Aquidneck in the north Atlantic, Antigua in the heart of the Eastern Caribbean share a common history, people and culture.

University Of Antigua Health ScienceMedical University In Antigua

The University of Health Sciences Antigua has been providing outstanding medical education to students from all over the world. UHSA prepare dedicated students to become future medical doctors, who are committed to making a positive contribution in health care.