Caribbean History Repository

Anbanet is a registered internet domain established in 2004 as a personal website designed to provide historical and general information about the twin-island state of Antigua and Barbuda. The first major change to the site was in 2006 after joining several affiliate programs and becoming an affiliate partner and authorized reseller.

After several years of promoting, It's safe to say affiliate marketing works, It can generate extra revenue if used wisely, but given the amount of time and dedication required to promote these programs, we've decided to discontinue the use and promotion of Affiliate Marketing at anbanet in 2018 and return to the original intent and purpose of the site.

Multimedia Web Publishing Platform

Allot has changed since the last edition of the site in 2016, so if you're a new visitor to Anbanet, Welcome! The new Anbanet is an evolving repository of historical and educational materials including films, articles, videos and documentaries about the Islands, cultures and peoples of the Caribbean pre-history, slavery and colonialism.

This edition of Anbanet is more focus, informative and tailored, there's no sales pitch or distracting advertisement banners on the pages. The new site is a multimedia web application designed to function as a research directory for students, teachers, journalists, scholars and anyone interested in the histories of the Caribbean.

Content Files Directory

The content is organized and stored in separate files directories to provide easy access and direct link to the pages. If you cannot find the information you might be interested in, we suggest using the site map, it contains all the active files on our server.