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Record Of Antigua History Time-Line

Antigua time and events in history is a list of the historical moments and events on the island. An accurate account of the past 15 years is needed for continued population of the list, so if you know of any historic events in Antigua over the past 15 years, feel free to contact Anbanet and send us the information so they can be added to Antigua historical time line.

1492 Christopher Columbus arrived in the "Caribbean" landing on San Salvador, in the Bahamas
1493 Columbus sailed passed Waladli and named the island, Santa Maria la Antigua
1520 Don Antionio Seranno of Spain made a failed attempt to settle Antigua
1624 Antigua, Barbuda, St. Kitt's and Nevis was taken under the protection of Great Braitain
1625 Earl of Carlise claims Antigua while living in Barbados
1629 Mr. Williams, a friend of the Earl of Carlisle, made a settlement attempt in Carlisle Bay Valley, Claremont
1629 an unsuccessful settlement attempt was made by French privateer, Captain d'Escambuc
1632 Edward Warner made a successful english settlement in Falmouth
1646Antigua had a population of 750 inhabitants
1663The village of Parham was founded by Lord Willoughby
1666Antigua was invaded and occupied by the French
1667Antigua was returned to the British by the Treaty of Breda
1668The British passed act to build St. John's Harbour
1672Building of two forts , Blake Island in Falmouth Harbour and Rat Island in St. John's
1674 Christopher Codrington came to Antigua with the latest sugar technology that made sugar the main crop on the island
1685 Christopher and John Codrington lease Barbuda to successive Condrington family members for almost 200 years
1689 Great Fort George was built as a place refuge for the population of Antigua which was 1200 people at the time
1725 Dockyard becomes the base for british ships patrolling the West Indies
1736 Prince Klaas was executed at what is now called the Recreation Grounds in Antigua
1781 Shirley Height Fort was ordered to be built by Govenor Sir Thomas Shirley
1784/1785 Horatio Nelson served at the Dockyard as Commander of the Northern Division of the Leeward Islands
1834 Aug 1st Emancipation from slavery
1850 Withdrawl of the British Military begins
1854 The 67th Regiment was the last to be stationed on Shirley Heights
1860 The British ordered the annexation of Barbuda and made it a dependancy of Antigua
1870 The Codrington's Lease on Barbuda comes to an end
1889 Closing of the Dockyard in English Harbour
1890 The British Naval withdraws from Antigua
1918 Wages and Labour Riots saw 2 people killed and 13 wounded
1939 The formation of Antigua Trades and Labour Union by President Reginal St. Clair Stevens
1943 VC Bird Senior becomes the president of the Antigua Trades and Labour Union
1961 Barbuda becomes a constituency Dockyard restored and opened
1967 Antigua acheives statehood and hosts its first Antigua Sailing Week
1971 The Sugar industry closes
1974 Andy Roberts and Vivian Richards make their cricketing debuts
1980 Antigua hosts its first Cricket Test Match at the St. John's Recreation Grounds
1981 Antigua receives Independence November 1st with VC Bird as first Prime Minister.
1999 VC Bird Senior dies at 89

Antigua Historic Timeline