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The Web has become the most dominant, essential, and widely used technology in the world today and the impact is obvious. It is the central platform for global communication, business transactions, Information, inovation and development of new technologies designed to assist, inform and compliment our life styles.

Standard Compliant Websites

If you've been designing websites with Html or Xhtm you should be relieved and excited about the changes and new development in the industry. Html5 is now the new standard and recommended markup language for building standard compliant websites and applications.

Web Standard

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web is a part of the new trends an standard requirements of the web development community. It's design concept and coding technique for building dynamic mobile friendly websites that can adjust to different output device screen sizes.

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CSS Flexbox Web Layout

Another emergin trend in the web design community is the use of Flexbox. Flex is a new Css layout module for creating rows and columns with equal width and height without using pixels, ems, or percentage values.

Web Standard

Programing & Scripting Languages

PHP is a server-side scripting language for creating dynamic Web pages. PHP's programming syntax is very similar to that of Perl. Because of its elegant design, PHP makes it easy for anyone to learn. It is significantly easier than comparable Perl or ASP Code.