Custom Web DesignsCUSTOM WEB

A customized website is built specifically to meet all your personal needs, suite your taste, style, touch, and feel.

Optimize Content For The WebORGANIC SEO

You can benefit allot from organic website content optimization on all of your web pages if you do it the right way.

How To Make A Website AccessibleACCESSIBILITY

One of the W3C main objectives is to provide unhindered access to all users on the web, Is your site accessible?

Why use a free online website builder that does not conform to current Html5 web standards when you can get a new customized website built and tailored to meet your personal, and professional business endeavors and online activities. The value and benefits of a standard compliant customize website are endless if done correctly.

Standard Compliance Benefits

Customized Websites Design Studio

Multi Device Web Design

Building websites that are responsive, user-friendly, accessible, and functional on multiple electronic device is what we do at Standard Web Designs studio in Newport RI. The work we produce is a result of tried and proven design concepts and efficient coding techniques developed by our custom web design architect over the years.

Content Optimization

Unlike some web design companies, all our pages are meticulously hand coded and constructed with 99% organic Html5 and Css3 components. Our customized Web design services ensure that your website is up to date and complies with all the necessary markup, search engines, accessibility and usability standard requirements.

Seo is a continual process of fine tuning and tweaking your website to achieve higher ranking on search engines results page, but you can't just focus on keywords alone, you have to optimize the entire website. You can check your optimization effectiveness by testing your website seo score and make adjustments to your content acordingly.

SWD Seobility Score

Customize Web Architecture

Addressing the future of the web today is not just our motto, It's what we do at Standard Web Design studio. We build customized websites with semantic Html to reduce load time, improve functionality and performance. Contact us for detailed information about our customized websites design.

SWD is an example of a working Html5 comforming website build in accordance with the W3C web design standard requirements. Take a tour of the site and experience the performance, functionality, and page speed of the new integrated cross-browser custom web architecture developed by Standard Web Designs Studio in Newport Rhode Island.