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Politics In Antigua

The political landscape of Antigua and Barbuda has seen very little changes since the nineteen sixties.  Dominated by two families since attaining statehood status from great Briton, the country has been in a revolving family monopoly until march of 2004 in the twenty first century. Except for the interval 1972 to 1976 , the Birds had an unbroken period of almost thirty years operating exclusively as the owners and post colonial rulers of Antigua.

The Antigua Labor Party (ALP) and the Bird family ruled Antigua without administrative accountability for so long, that by time the electorate manage to remove them from office, the new government inherited a practically bankrupt economy and a political landscape riddled with dangerous slopes, cracks and crevices.  The Birds reigned with impunity, defecating and urinating on every thing and any one who dares to challenge their glaring mediocrity and political incompetence.

Family Monopoly On Government

I often wonder how the people of Antigua allowed themselves to be dominated for so long by one family and political party of Intellectually constipated crooks.  The country has been industrially crippled for years after moving from a semi self sufficient economy to total dependence on tourism, Casino gambling, offshore banks and illegal sports betting business.  Under the ALP government, foreign dependence gradually replaced local industry and the development of goods, services and products made in Antigua.

History has proven that political control of any country by a family dominated government is a recipe for disaster.  Having unchecked political power inevitably leads to corruption, misuse and abuse of public office.  The outrageous scandals and allegations of misbehavior in government office by the PLM and ALP political parties, have led to some costly inquiries that produces more questions than answers.

Greed, political Incompetence, corruption and spitefulness have deprived Antigua and Barbuda of any meaningful contribution from the reservoir of brilliant antiguan minds residing locally and internationally .  In my opinion, it's rather unfortunate and unforgiving that the people of Antigua have allowed one family to dictate, rule, rape and plunder the country for decades, without any serious consequence for their alleged unlawful and criminal activities.

Changing of The Guards

Much is left to be seen of the new UPP Government before one can make an honest assessment or, jump to any conclusion on their performance so far.  However, ongoing observations seem to indicate either a re-shuffling, or removal of certain items on the government list of urgent attention and priorities.

One particular item of national and international interest, appear to be hanging in suspended animation indefinitely. It is so rarely mentioned, that it arouse suspicion of mitigation by the UPP government.  It is the prosecution of former AlP government ministers and officials for abuse of power.  Any attempt by the Baldwin Spencer Government to mitigate and manipulate the outcome of these unresolved issues, could have unforeseen disastrous consequences for the government.

Allot has been happening on the surface since the new government took office. However, unseen activities below the surface are always questionable in the absence of transparency.  As a skeptic, am somewhat baffled by the brazen adoption and continuation of some prosaic policies established by the former ALP government.

This trend only add more weight and relevance to the question i keep asking. "Is the UPP Government committed to finding truth and upholding justice?".  I am not yet convinced by any of the actions taken by the Baldwin Spencer government so far, to help find answers to these questions. I am even more pessimistic now that there will be no serious investigations or prosecution of the Bird brothers and successive ALP government for misconduct in public office.

The apparent unwillingness or inability of the UPP to resolved issues of serious political and domestic crimes, are indicative of the convoluted political culture in Antigua.  The future and preservation of Antigua and Barbuda, require's bold, intelligent, honest and pragmatic leadership.

Diligence, courage and awareness of history, are some of the important requirements for Antigua to retain it's identity as a unique nation of peaceful versatile and proud people. On it's current course, the country won't archive any measure of sustainable economic growth and energy independence in the grand scheme of Caricom Caribbean federalization, globalization and free trade.

Under the ALP government Antigua and Barbuda gained a reputation as one of the most corrupt countries on earth.  This was an embarrassment and difficult period for antiguans travelling abroad.  Since the changing of the gauards, remnants of the infrastructures that contributed to the marginalization of Antigua & Barbuda, are still in place and yet to be dismantled. This double standard, arrogance and ineptitude continue to confound my comprehension. 

Actions, positions and decisions continued to be taken by the UPP government that do not serve the long term economic interest and preservation of Antigua and Barbuda heritage and cultural identity.  The alignment and callus embrace of Caricom grand vision for the Caribbean by the UPP government is just one more example of "bad political decisions" that are continually been made on behalf of Antigua and Barbuda by self serving politicians void of vision, fosite and wisdom.

Who is going to correct the wrong? will anyone ever be held accountable? are Antiguans willing to sit back and be led down another dead end to no where by family government, crooks and members of political parties?  There are more questions than answers.  How these issues are addressed over the next 2 years, will determine the level of commitment by the UPP government to uncover, and pursue the trail of lies, deception, robbery, rape and plunder of Antigua by the Bird family and the (ALP) Antigua Labor Party.

About The Author: Wadadliman is a political analyst, freelance writer and contributing author to Aanbanet articles.  This article was published on 07/19th/ 2006. Revised 07/29th/2008. 11/22nd/2008.  06/12/2011.   Back to antigua menu

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