Benefits Of Green Tea

Green Tea Therapeutic Properties

Popular in China and other Asian countries for thousands of years, green tea has been shown to have significant medicinal as well as therapeutic properties. Like the black tea more familiar in Western countries, green tea comes from the Camellia sinensis plant. The difference between black and green teas lies in their processing.

Black tea is fermented, whereas green tea, which is prepared from steamed, dried leaves, is not allowed to ferment. Also, some types of green tea are lightly roasted. The minimal processing helps retain the tea's green color, gives it a flowery aroma and fresh flavor and also preserves the active ingredients that produce the tea's health benefits.

Green tea may help prevent tooth decay, high blood pressure, heart disease and several forms of cancer. It also invigorates the body and improves concentration.

Green Tea Preparation

Place 1 rounded tsp. of tea leaves per cup in a teapot. Heat the water until it is simmering (160°F);cool briefly (vigorously boiling water can destroy the tea's gentle flavor). Pour the water over the tea leaves; cover the pot. For a mild flavor, let the pot stand 2-3 mm.; fora stronger flavor, steep for 4-6 mm. Warning: contains high caffeine content.