Garden Herbs

Garden Herbs & Spices

An Indoors garden is a safe and economical way to grow some of the plants, spices and herbs that plays a vital and important part in our lives. Fresh plants, fruits and vegetables provide some of the nesecary vitamins, minerals and nutrients that our bodies need for healthy living.

If you regard the healing power of nature as an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs, this section features a wide variety of plants used as natural remedies and treatment for certain type of ailments, and a list of exotic plants, roots, herbs and spices.

Medicinal Plants & Roots

There are over 150 species of plants used for medicinal purposes. Explore our herb garden and discover the many health benefits and healing power of sage, hawthorn tea, valerian and other medicinal plants, therapeutic tea extract, floral essences, alternative therapies and treatments for a number of ailments.