Credit Card Tips

Disputing Charges To Your Credit Card

Can Paying By Credit Card Help In A Dispute? You may be able to dispute the sellers' charges if the goods do not arrive, or if you aren't satisfied and return them. However, under the federal Fair Credit Billing Act, you can only effectively dispute charges billed to your credit card (but that you have not yet paid) if ALL of the following are true.

If the seller of the goods has issued the credit card you used to pay, as when you use a department store credit card, you may be able to dispute the seller's charges as long as you have first made a good faith attempt to resolve the dispute. The $50, 100-mile requirements do not apply where the seller and card issuer are the same company. However, be aware that if you buy goods or services from a seller through a web site, there may be some legal uncertainty about where a dispute arose.

Credit Card Account Protection

How can you protect against unauthorized use of your credit card account number? Carefully and promptly check your credit card statements when they arrive. If you identify any irregularities, you should immediately bring these to the attention of the issuer of the credit card by telephone and in writing.

Do You Need A Separate Credit Card?

Consider dedicating a single credit card for online purchases. It will be easier for you to review your records. Also, should the security of this number be compromised, you'll still be able to use your other credit cards.

Payment Options

Do other payment options offer as much protection as a credit card? When it comes to other types of payment options such as debit cards, money orders, cashier's checks, certified checks, teller's checks, and cash on delivery C.O.D. you'll find the level of protection isn't as high as with credit cards. Although there are pros and cons to these other payment options, using a credit card is still your best bet for safety.

Print The Terms.

You should print out and date a copy of terms, conditions, warranties, item description, company information, even confirming e-mails, and save them with your records of your purchase.