Using Credit Cards Online

Making Payment On The Web

How are you paying for the item you buy online? Did you know that paying by credit cards is safer than paying by check, cash, or debit card? If you have an unauthorized charge on your credit card, under federal law your liability is limited to $50. In fact, some credit card issuers and web site operators say that under certain circumstances they will even pay this amount for you.

Reasons To Pay By Credit Card

You may save money by using a credit card if you pay it off in full when the bill arrives. Payments made by credit card allow you to keep the payment amount in your bank account, earning interest, until your credit card bill for those payments comes due. In addition, some credit card issuers grant you extended warranties or other advantages for purchases made with the card. You can apply for a credit card from the top credit card providers online

The most important thing you should know about shopping online is who you are doing business with. Once you are satisfied and decide to purchase, look at your purchase carefully as soon as you receive it. Contact the seller as soon as possible if you discover a problem with it.

Tell the seller in writing about any problem that you are concerned with, ask for a repair or refund, and keep a copy of your correspondence. If you think you have been the victim of unfair business practice, you can report it to the internet fraud authorities.

Things You Should Check

Before you give your payment information on a website, there are various icons and protocols used on the internet that indicate if the payment page is secured. To make sure you're on a secured web page when paying with a credit card, look for the letter (s) on the http:// protocol in your browser address bar. It should look like this  https://  with the image of a lock at the end. Find more on the benefits of using a credit card online.